LepreCon invades downtown Portland to benefit police charity

LepreCon invades downtown Portland to benefit police charity »Play Video
Leprechauns came in all shapes, colors and levels of glitter on Saturday, March 15th, 2014, at the Stumptown LepreCon bar crawl. (Photo by Guru Amar Khalsa)

PORTLAND, Ore. - From around a corner in downtown Portland, a tall woman appears with a large Irish flag floating behind her on a pole, her small shorts and top matching the bright neon colors of the flag.

Moments later, a cheery horde of green-clad revelers pour around the corner as well, dancing and skipping their way down the sidewalk to their next stop.

Not to be outdone by the other pub crawls that same day (like the Brides of March), Stumptown’s fourth annual LepreCon went all out, dancing their way through eight different stops.

“We’re trying to promote the Portland spirit and support a good cause while we’re at it and have fun,” Stumptown Events board member Sean Batson said. “I just love seeing the energy and the creativity that everybody brings out to this. You are kind of limited to green but you can do all kinds of things with that.”

“I think that the costumes the people bring out is a huge positive to the event,” Stumptown Events board member Shaun Boylan said. “The people make the event. We kind of set the template for them and the venues but they bring it. And you get to meet people that have such great stories about past events. We had one couple who met at a crawl!”

“And they celebrated their first anniversary at our SantaCon last year!” Batson chimed in.

Stumptown Events chose the Portland Police Bureau’s Sunshine Division as the charity for the event, which means the charity receives a portion of the proceeds from each bar along the route.

The event planners try to support only local charities and give back more to their community.

The Sunshine Division was created in 1923 by the Portland Police Bureau and provides food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need.

“Yeah it’s great to have the police supporting us and not coming out and looking at us as some kind of disturbance,” Boylan said. “They support what we’re trying to do, so we try to give back to them and support their charity.”

BunnyCon, their next bar crawl, is coming in April.