Victims talk one month after Amity Road Inferno

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BOISE - Thursday marked one month since the Amity Road Inferno on August 25, 2008. The wildfire killed a Boise State professor, destroyed 10 homes and damaged nine others.

Since then, the community has been dealing with the disaster, and every family seems to be at a different stage in the process. Adam Park, a spokesman for Boise mayor Dave Bieter, says the city approved the first re-building permit since the fire on Wednesday.

John Goettsche didn’t lose his home in the fire, but it did a lot of damage, burning in three different places in his shake roof, warping his siding and saturating the inside of his home with smoke. His living room is piled with boxes full of his items sent for cleaning.

“This is clothes, sheets bedding pillows, anything that was soft was taken out,” Goettsche said. “It's a mess. This is the second load of stuff that's come back. “

Despite the hardship, Goettsche talks about how lucky he is: lucky to have a home, lucky to have survived the Amity Road Inferno.

“You gotta be pretty lucky and get that close and not lose it,” Goettsche said.

But others like Kent Hallamore and his family weren’t so lucky. His home was destroyed by the fire. On Thursday it was the last home on Sweetwater Drive where the foundation had not been removed.

“We haven't been able to decide yet what we're going to do with our property,” Hallamore said.

Hallamore said his family lost everything in the fire, but if he could have gone in and saved just one thing … “I would have grabbed the family photos,” Hallamore said. I would have skipped the cash the valuables, the jewelry; just grabbed the family photos.”

Fate has a strange sense of humor. Neither John nor Kent could say exactly why some the fire burned some homes and spared others.

“You can't explain why that's the case,” Goettsche said.

Hallamore said it’s been a struggle to move on from the inferno.

“All I want to do is come back home. I just want my house back and my neighbors back they way things were,” Hallamore said.

But he knows it won’t happen.