Sali at odds with Idaho Democratic Party flyer

Sali at odds with Idaho Democratic Party flyer
BOISE - Republican Bill Sali is upset with the Idaho Democratic Party for sending out a campaign flyer that showed showed social security numbers for the congressman and his wife, Terri.

The race for Idaho's first congressional seat has never been lacking for fodder. Several attack ads go after Sali and and his Democratic opponent Walt Minnick. But Sali spokesman Wayne Hoffman says publishing the social security numbers was way out of line.

“What he was mostly concerned about was his wife,” Hoffman said. “The issue is, you can take those social security numbers and use them for a variety of things that lead to identity theft.”

The Idaho Democratic Party won't answer questions about the snafu. Executive Director Jim Hansen has posted a statement on the party's website. In part, it reads:

“I take personal responsibility for the oversight. ... this was a completely unintentional oversight.”

The statement also points fingers at others, first faulting the state tax commission, then Representative Sali:

"It is regrettable that the Tax Commission released all the numbers depicted on the document,” it reads. “Bill Sali ... should have paid his taxes on time and filed his reports on time."

Walt Minnick's campaign did not send out the flyer. When called for comment, spokesman John Foster said Minnick was in northern Idaho and not available. Foster referred CBS 2 to Idaho's Democratic Headquarters for comment.

In a phone interview, Sali went after the Idaho Democratic Party. “I just make a demand that they stand up, first of all, that they apologize to my wife for doing this to her,” Sali said. “And second of all, that they stand up and accept responsibility for any kind of financial loss from this. Probably the despicable thing I've seen in my political life."