Can't drivers and bike riders just get along?

Can't drivers and bike riders just get along?
BOISE - It's considered a bike friendly community but Boise Police say it's every-ones job share the road.

On Saturday police say a biker collided with a car after the driver began honking, then pulled out in front of two cyclists, hit his brakes, causing one bikes to slam into the car.

As more people trade in the car keys for two-wheels it's important to know what rights both drivers and bike riders have on the road.

Antonio Gonzalez not only likes to ride but he also likes helping others find a passion for riding as an employee of Idaho Mountain Touring.

"People seem to be just more interested in using the bike as an alternative form as transportation," said Gonzalez.

But with new wheels comes new concerns.

"A car pulled up beside me and made a right hand turn, and just rolled right over the bicycle, fortunately I wasn't hurt," he said.

Sharing the road between bikers and drivers can be tricky.

"I think bikers do take some risks that they shouldn't take," said Kimberly Tilley, a Boise driver.

While Boise Police say bikes and cars have the same rights and responsibilities on the road, there are a few exceptions for two wheels.

"Bicyclists can proceed through a red light as long as they've come to a complete stop and made sure that it's safe," said Clair Walker, a sergeant with Boise Police.

Sergeant Walker says bike riders are also allowed to roll through a stop sign.

"This makes a lot of motorists angry cause they feel that bicyclist has run that red light or run that stop sign when they actually haven't if they've done so safely," he said.

He recommends bikers ride as though they're invisible to cars and drivers pay extra attention, especially now.

"It was 2 p.m. in the afternoon on a sunny day, I was wearing a white helmet and relatively bright clothing," said Gonzalez.

Even an experienced cyclist like Gonzalez admits wearing and doing all the right things won't matter, if you don't ride or drive defensively.

Bike riders are also allowed to ride side by side unless they are causing traffic delays, then they need to ride single file.

It is also recommended every bike rider get a white front light and a red rear light, not just reflectors, in order to help drivers see them, especially at night.