Alofa Time Pleads Guilty To First Degree Murder

Alofa Time Pleads Guilty To First Degree Murder
Last June 15th, Alofa Time was arrested for beheading his wife in Nampa, and then attempting to commit suicide by allegedly driving his truck into an innocent mother and child in Boise, killing them as well. Now, there is some closure. Time has pleaded guilty to first degree murder in the killing of his wife, Theresa. He will no longer face the death penalty.

Marcie Hammer worked with Samantha Murphy, the mother who was killed.

"Would you have preferred him to get the death penalty?" CBS 2 News asked.

"I mean, she was my best friend and part of our family, so probably so, but I'm sure she would be happy with what happened, what the outcome was," Hammer said.

Samantha used to work here at Baird's Dry Cleaners and other co-workers say they were upset Time didn't receive the death penalty.

This is where it happened, six months ago. Nobody's been living here since. In fact, Alofa Time has apparently defaulted on his mortgage.

The house is scheduled to be sold at auction March 16. This neighbor living next door works in state corrections and says he doesn't think today's plea agreement makes much difference.

"I think it really didn't matter," Warren Lanphier told CBS 2 News. "Because the way things work in Idaho we don't execute people anyway. People sit on death row for years."

The Canyon County Prosecutor says this agreement will spare Theresa's family from a lengthy trial.

But Time still faces second degree murder charges in Ada County, where he allegedly drove his car into Samantha Murphy and her four-year-old daughter, Jae Lynn Grimes.

Ada County is not pursuing the death penalty against Time.