Boise State Broncos Inc.?

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BOISE - Boise State has big expansion plans.

Boise State says it's forming Boise State Broncos Inc., a new program that will allow stock holders an opportunity to buy BSU athletic department stock. The program is based off the Green Bay Packers.

A total of 200,000 shares will be available at a cost of $100 per share and will be sold only to individuals.

"It's an opportunity to broaden support to the community and fans from everywhere," said John Miller, Boise State Broncos Inc. CEO.

The organization will be a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation. Shareholders will receive a stock certificate and voting privileges and will be invited to the annual shareholder meeting.

Boise State says it has big expansion plans with the proceeds from the stock. Officials would like to add additional seating once the track is removed.

The university also has plans on building new men's and women's locker rooms. Funding is near complete, officials say. There will also be a new swimming facility in the works.

Like the Packers, Bronco stock holders will have voting rights and may transfer stocks to heirs. Shareholders will not receive dividends and the stock does not appreciate.

"We are very excited about this new and different approach for our fans will have to invest in the future of Bronco athletics," said Gene Bleymaier, director of athletics.

Some fans say trying to raise money this way is a great idea.

"I would definitely do it for that, you know just a little bit of say is always nice," said Cody Jolpin, a Boise State supporter.

But others say they are not sold on the stock buying business.

"If I wanted to give money to a school I would just give them money. I wouldn't need to have any pomp and circumstance. I wouldn't need a share holders meeting or a certificate or anything like that," said Jake Lake, a Treasure Valley resident.