Dog fight: Animal rights advocate in trouble?

Dog fight: Animal rights advocate in trouble? »Play Video
BOISE - From the freezing snow, to a warm foster home, Keith Kellum, foster dad, says Barbie and her five puppies are surviving.

"You can see the mamma," Kellum said. "She's come a long way."

But a photo of an injured and emaciated mother, from just last week, is a reminder of their struggles.

Troy Jackson, Northwest Animal Companions executive director says he rescued the dogs from a rural property in Jefferson County.

The mother still has a long way to go. After the accident, she has a broken left front leg and a broken back hip. Both will need surgery, a slow step-by-step process.

Now Jackson says he could be facing criminal charges.

"I'm comfortable with actually going down and turning myself in," Jackson said. "I actually find it quite humorous, but I'm also offended."

He tells 2 News the Jefferson County sheriff is issuing a warrant for his arrest. The reason, dog theft.

"I'm confident that I'd never do anything like that, that was illegal, or dishonest," he said.

The possible warrant is baffling Jackson, who says he has an agreement with the dogs' owner to buy the mom and three of the pups, then return two of the males once they're healthy.

I called the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office to ask why Jackson says he received phone calls about a warrant.

Reporter: "Mr. Jackson says you're issuing a warrant for his arrest. Is that true?"

Captain Jeff Poole: "There is no warrant at this time for Mr. Jackson. We're still investigating it to see if he in fact took the dogs and doesn't plan on returning them."

Jackson says he'll return the puppies as soon as the vet signs a clear bill of health.

"Take the politics and the emotion out of it," he said. "And do what's right."

Until then, Barbie and her little ones will snuggle up in their cozy foster home.

If you would like to donate to the dogs' health fund, stop by any Washington Trust Bank in town.