Man, 40, shot dead by Caldwell Police

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CALDWELL - Authorities say officers with the Caldwell Police Department shot and killed a 40-year-old man while trying to serve a warrant for his arrest.

Neighbors say officers were staking out the home and the neighborhood (in the 1700 block of Fairoaks in Caldwell) earlier Wednesday afternoon.

Several neighbors say they heard police using a loudspeaker telling the suspect they had a search warrant and he needed to come out of the home.

 David Banda

That's when they heard gunfire.

Caldwell Police say David Valdez Banda was wanted for a parole violation out of the Idaho Department of Correction.

Authorities say Banda exited the home with a handgun. He was ordered multiple times to put the gun on the ground, police say, but refused to comply with commands.

Officers say at some point they felt threatened by Banda which resulted in shots being fired by the police. Banda died at the scene, according to police.

No one else was injured during the shooting. Janet Myers says neighbors keep an eye out for one another but they knew something was not right when officers showed up with assault rifles. "An officer parked in front of our house. He got out wearing camouflage and a hood with only his eyes showing. On his back he had a assault rifle and he went across to my neighbors yard and started looking around the corner," Myers said.