Search continues for missing Boise man

Search continues for missing Boise man
BOISE - No matter how old your child is, there are some bonds that can never be broken.

"I have a mother's love," said Vicki Barnard, Ahren Barnard's mother. "I don't think there's anything greater in this world."

Five years ago, Ahren vanished without a trace at the age of 35. He was last seen at the McDonald's at Cole and Overland Road. Ahren's mother, Vicki, now lives in Portland.

"I, to this day, do not know what happened to my son," Vicki said.

Boise Police said they cannot point to foul play yet, but they do believe Ahren is endangered. Investigators continue to follow up on leads from the public.

"Detectives do believe strongly that someone is out there and over the past five years, they've been holding in, for whatever reason, some information that could help provide those answers to Ahren's family, to this community, as to what did happen to him," said Lynn Hightower, Boise Police Department spokesperson.

"People think it gets easier," Vicki said. "It does not get easier. It gets harder as time goes on."

Vicki believes the search for her son has often fallen on deaf ears, but she remains hopeful that one day Ahren will be found. Reminders of his disappearance, including billboards, are scattered throughout town.

"If all they do is look at a picture, the loved ones of those missing will be very, very grateful," Vicki said.

Anyone with information on Ahren's case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

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