Jiffy Lube offers to fix Meridian Meineke mistake

Jiffy Lube offers to fix Meridian Meineke mistake »Play Video
BOISE - A former Meineke customer is finally getting help after a bad oil filter killed her car's engine. But it isn't Meineke that is stepping up, it's Jiffy Lube.

"We didn't feel like she was being taken care of the way she should be, and we thought this time of year it would be nice to help somebody out,” said Doug Collins, a Boise man that owns six Jiffy Lube franchises in the Treasure Valley.

Collins and three other franchise owners saw the Truth Squad investigation into Maryann Matthews' troubles with the Meridian Meineke on Fairview. Matthews says she spent $3,500 to fix the engine on her Nissan Sentra after the wrong filter came loose and dumped out the oil.

Meineke denied Matthews' claim, but reopened the case when they learned about the Truth Squad investigation. But with the corporation still working out the details, Collins and his fellow Jiffy Lube owners have offered to pay the bill.

“I and the other owners all feel like we've been blessed here, been able to have a decent career for a long time, and we like the idea of giving back,” Collins said.

After feeling two months of frustration, anger and anxiety trying to get some help from Meineke, Matthews says the Jiffy Lube offer completely floored her.

“... so happy and overwhelmed,” Matthews said. “It really brought tears to my eyes... It was really nice to get a re-focus on some good people who just want to do the right thing.”

But Matthews says she just can't accept Jiffy Lube's money.

“If it came from Meineke, trust me, I would,” Matthews said. “If this came from Meineke, I would take it no questions asked, but it doesn't.”

So Matthews and Collins talked it over and decided to give $3,000 to a local charity just in time for Christmas.

“I just picture somebody who can't buy Christmas gifts for their kids and I thought it would be much better to give the money to somebody who really, really needed it,” Matthews said.

Collins agreed, saying, “I think it's awesome, a wonderful thing to do this time of year especially. A lot of families are in need around here,”

A Meineke spokeswoman called Matthews Thursday, offering $1,300 to settle her car claim. But Matthews turned the offer down, saying it cost double that to replace her engine.

The spokeswoman said she would talk to Meineke's attorney about the amount of her claim, then get back to her.