Meridian Police Continue To Investigate Murder

Meridian Police Continue To Investigate Murder
As Meridian Police focus in on what is going on at a Cathy Street house, new information is coming out. Police say they are busy running down leads, clues and talking to people of interest. Two of those people lived at the house with Dee Lynn. They were renting rooms from her when she disappeared. Police say they've talked to the roommates, but they are not suspects and are not being held in jail on any charges.

"Our detectives are working very hard and doing whatever they can and they will do whatever they can to bring this to the right conclusion," says Lt. Bob Stowe with Meridian Police.

Lynn was last seen here over a week ago at her home before suddenly vanishing. Police waited three days to ask the public for help finding he because they said they needed to make she was missing and didn't leave on her own. It was during their search they found a decomposing body of an elderly female woman inside Lynn's home. Authorities are calling it a homicide, but won't say if it's Lynn's body.

"It does appear that the body had been there for a few days at least. so we are unable to make a determination," says Stowe.

The body has been removed and an autopsy has been scheduled for Tuesday to figure out who the woman is and how she died. Police say the crime scene has been frozen and they did collect and remove most of the evidence they need from the house. Now, it's just a waiting game as they search for a killer.