Meridian sex offender given probation

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BOISE - Five months of sexual abuse between a 14-year-old boy and a Meridian woman ended in February when Lisa Marie Rasho was arrested. In July she plead guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

"I realize in the past I made some seriously poor decisions," Rasho said in court."

The court, however, kept the sentence within its jurisdiction, on the rider release program. It's a six-month evaluation period which convicts can use to show improvement, while they serve their sentence, modified with rehabilitation programs. Some judges, like the Racho's, choose to keep cases within the courts control for certain offenders. Her evaluation period ended Monday and her judge said she showed significant improvement and then granted her probation and let her free.

"I would never go out in the community with the intention of relapsing," Rasho said. "I want to start off new and have that chance to prove myself a good citizen."

"The state believes she should go to prison for that," said Jean Fisher, the prosecuting attorney. "Obviously the judge disagreed."

Fisher said the rider program has its place, but in a case and with an offense such as Racho's, jail time is necessary.

"Regardless her ability for rehabilitation, this is a case that calls out for punishment, retribution and prison time," Fisher said.

Fisher further explained the built-in bias that exists with women sex-offenders.

"There really can't be disparity between man and women offenders," Fisher said. "That if a female offender commits the same act against the 13-year-old it can't be that much different just because she's a female."

Rasho has 48 hours to register as a sex offender since her release from state custody Monday. As of Tuesday night, Rasho had not complied. Courtroom audio revealed Rasho does not have anywhere to go and plans on staying at a homeless shelter.