Canyon County Sheriff Deputies Find Body of Missing Man

Canyon County Sheriff Deputies Find Body of Missing Man »Play Video
PARMA - The Canyon County Sheriff's Office found the body of a missing 55-year-old man. Terry Stansbury was reported missing Tuesday night. Family members say he was in a car crash earlier that day and may have suffered a head injury.

His nephew, Bryan Phipps, said Stansbury seemed disoriented after the crash, but refused to go to the hospital. Therefore, Phipps instead drove his uncle to his home on the Snake River, but the bridge leading to Stansbury's property was locked. Phipps says he went to get the key from his uncle's home, and when he returned to the car, Stansbury was gone.

Searchers did a ground search that evening and divers arrived the next morning. They searched an area of the river within 100 feet of the bridge, but Stansbury's body had drifted beyond the search area.

A bluetick coon hound named "Jeb" with Treasure Valley Search Dogs arrived on scene late in the morning and found his body in the river just before 1:00 PM.

His family was devastated by the find but very thankful to search crews for responding quickly and for eventually finding Terry Stansbury.