Aerial fireworks: Illegal to set off, easy to buy in Idaho

Aerial fireworks: Illegal to set off, easy to buy in Idaho »Play Video

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Large, aerial fireworks are illegal to shoot off, but easy to buy in Idaho.

Even though fireworks like cherry bombs and bottle rockets are illegal without a permit in Idaho, many will still be shooting them off on the Fourth of July.

"You can look at the horizon this evening and tomorrow evening and see all of them going off," said Sergeant Pat Schneider with the Ada County Sheriff's Office.

Some stores and stands in Canyon and Ada Counties sell the illegal fireworks legally. Customers simply sign a form saying they'll take their light show to another state, where it's legal. But Schneider says that doesn't keep most people from using them in Idaho.

"We're all aware that most of the people who go out and buy those, they get shot off right here in this area," he said.

KBOI called both counties to find out why they allow the sale of the illegal fireworks, but was told no one was in to answer that question today.

But KBOI did hear from those enforcing on the Fourth, who say it creates chaos for them.

"It's literally impossible to try and go after everyone," Schneider said. "But if we hear the bangs or see the explosions going off, we obviously go enforce that."

Deputies say most of the time when they catch someone with illegal fireworks, it's because a neighbor called and complained.

Anyone who sets off illegal fireworks in Boise could face a $100 fine.