BPD: Meridian women grab keys from drunk woman

BPD: Meridian women grab keys from drunk woman
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Two Meridian woman helped keep a repeat drunk driver off the streets, Boise Police says.

Boise PD says the two women were driving on State Street when they saw the driver of a Mazda Miata spin the tires, causing smoke as the vehicle pulled out from North Street onto State.

The driver then slammed on the vehicle's brakes, spun the tires again and took off at a high rate of speed, officials say.

Witnesses said the driver, later identified as Sharon Brodigan, pulled into the left turn lane to go northbound on Collister, however, the Miata overshot the intersection.

BPD says 42-year-old Brodigan slammed on the brakes, fishtailed in the intersection and pulled into the gas station where the car drove on top of a concrete curb and stopped.

The Meridian women jumped out of their car and one of the women reached inside the vehicle and removed the car keys. Officers arrived soon after.

The Middleton resident has been booked on a felony DUI. She also received a felony DUI in 2003, BPD says.