'They were not ever authorized to grant degrees in Idaho'

'They were not ever authorized to grant degrees in Idaho' »Play Video
CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Some students are finding out their degrees from Canyon College may not be valid. State Board of Education says the online college was never authorized to give degrees.

The board said they gave a cease and desist order to the college once they found out they were giving out diplomas. According to board spokeswoman Marilyn Whitney they were only approved to be a proprietary institution.

"They were not ever authorized to grant degrees in Idaho," said Marilyn. "It would appear that they were doing that which is why the board took the action it did."

Marilyn said the college closed its doors in June of 2013. There's now a "for sale" sign outside its old office in Caldwell.

The SBE did try to get some money back for 10 students who had filed complaints. The time frame to file a claim ended in November.

Many former students such as Dave Boninsegna of Ohio didn't even know the process was going on. He didn't find out until recently that his degree wouldn't be recognized.

The problem is he recently received a job helping at risk youth which required a bachelor's degree, but when his employer looked for his transcripts they were nowhere to be found. He could lose his job.

Boninsegna said he received his degree online in 2007 from Canyon College. He also notes that when he tried to get certified as social worker that those giving the test didn't recognize his college.

Dave said not being able to get that certification cost him about $10 an hour in pay. He claims to have spent thousands on his finishing his degree.

State board spokeswoman said it's possible some criminal laws could have been broken by Canyon College for giving out degrees. Although they said criminal cases need more evidence to prove and have to be brought by a prosecutor.