Hand-crafted Charlie Brown statue taken from Caldwell home

Hand-crafted Charlie Brown statue taken from Caldwell home »Play Video
Photo of the display at Dan Martz's home in Caldwell. The Charlie Brown figurine in the center of the picture is the one that was taken. Photo courtesy the Martz family.
CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - A Caldwell family is hoping someone will return a hand-crafted and painted figurine of Charlie Brown that was taken from their annual holiday display.

Dan Martz says he has been creating the Peanuts figurines for the last four or five years, and has never had one taken from the house before.

The display actually has three Charlie Brown statues in it, but Martz says the most detailed and best-looking one is the missing one.

Martz says he noticed the statue was missing last week.

“I didn’t get angered, I was just kind of disappointed a little bit that day," Martz says. "But then I said 'no I’m going to continue on with what I’m going to put out there and put some more stuff out there of Charlie Brown.'”

He says each statue is made by hand and it takes about ten hours to finish each one.

He is hoping to get the figurine back, but if he doesn't he plans to remake it.