Neighbor kills dog chasing chickens

Neighbor kills dog chasing chickens

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Boise man is missing his dog after it was shot in a neighbors yard. 

Jacob Scott owns four dogs, several snakes and tarantula. He says on Monday one of his dogs, Storm got out of the yard and went after the neighbor's chickens that were grazing in the front yard. That's when he says the neighbor shot Storm with a pellet gun.

Storm was taken to the vet after collapsing several times and finally had to be put down because of her wounds. Boise Police say it's not illegal to protect your property or your livestock. In fact, Scott could have faced a charge for having a dog at large.

"I knew I could be charged, it's unfortunate but that is the law.  I think it's kind of a silly law," Scott said.  His neighbor didn't press the issue and no citation was issued.

Scott says he and his neighbor talked and now are good.

"I am not wanting to bash him, I am not wanting to hate him, I am not wanting to attack him.  The point is I want people to think before they act, because there are better ways to handle a situation like this than going for a pistol or a rifle," Scott said.

Now Jacob says he has some healing to do over his 3-year-old dog.