Feds take green sea turtle from Idaho Aquarium

Feds take green sea turtle from Idaho Aquarium

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The federal government has removed a green sea turtle from the Idaho Aquarium in Boise.

Employees say the move came as a result of the conviction of the former founders of the aquarium Ammon Convino and Christopher Conk for illegal trafficking of marine wildlife.

"We knew that Beam, our sea turtle, would eventually be removed as a result of legal actions against the founders," says Nancy Vannorsdel, CEO of the Aquarium.

Staff members say they will petition the removal of the turtle.

"Unfortunately the result of their (original founders) misconduct was the loss of our sea turtle. We have 45 days to appeal the revocation of our turtle permit and we plan to take advantage of that time," Vannorsdel said.

The aquarium also announced Wednesday that it's received a Giant Pacific Octopus.