Flu season hits Idaho

Flu season hits Idaho
BOISE, Idaho - This season, 8 people in idaho have died from the flu, but the Central District Health Department says this number is not unusual.

"Average flu season we might have 12 flu deaths, last year was really mild we only had five," said spokesperson Dave Fotsch.

Despite, the rather average numbers so far, Fotsch says this year's flu did start earlier than normal and they are seeing a lot of cases.

"As with most flu years, it's affecting people over 50 years of age. They are the most vulnerable," said Fotsch.

Faith Kesling's 83 year old father got the flu this year, and she says it was very hard on him.

"He was actually hospitalized, he got pneumonia with it," said Kesling.

Some people we talked to are taking the flu seriously.

"Personally, I need to go have myself take the flu shot as well," said Steven Hale.

Others, aren't as worried.

"I had a near death experience back in October so i am on borrowed time anyways so it doesn't really bother me at all," said Pete Peterson.

Health officials say to protect yourself by getting the flu shot and do it soon because the flu season is far from over.

"It typically peaks in January or February so the worst could still be ahead of us. The best thing anyone can do is to get the flu vaccine," said Fotsch.