Signing up for insurance through Health Exchange may be easier now

Signing up for insurance through Health Exchange may be easier now

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Many problems that have kept Idahoans from registering for the Health Insurance Exchange may not be much of an issue anymore. Many have been fixed and there's help for those still having trouble signing up.

Because of all of the trouble the public is having with the Health Exchange, Your Health Idaho is reaching out to anyone who may be struggling with the sign-up process.

YHI representatives, along with some local insurance agents, spoke at BSU's campus to help students and faculty who have had trouble signing up through the exchange.

BSU student Barron Richner tried the exchange's website when it first rolled out but had no luck.

"It was like over 30 minutes before I could get anywhere, and I was just stuck on the loading screen," Richner said.

Website workers say long waits are still the biggest problem. But Blue Cross employees say the average wait time is only about 10 minutes. YHI recommends using the website at non-peak hours such as mornings, evenings and weekends for less of a wait.

Agents say even with the wait, more people are signing up now because many of the site's other problems have  been fixed.

"They've put in probably close to 100 fixes for lots of the little, as people call them, glitches, or technical bugs," said Karen Early, spokeswoman for Blue Cross of Idaho, "That's why we're seeing so much more success with people being able to enroll now."

Just this week, Blue Cross of Idaho set up an enrollment center at its headquarters in Meridian where people can get help registering.

"With someone sitting next to you as you work through the process, it's a lot easier to get to where you can enroll," Early said.

As for Richner, he says his trouble just convinced him to stay on his parents' insurance until he's 26.

"I figure in two years or so it should be working, so I'm hopeful for that," Richner said.

Representatives from YHI say that now that the website is working better, there will be more advertising and a bigger push for people to start signing up for health care in Idaho.