Valley post offices face busiest week of the year

Valley post offices face busiest week of the year »Play Video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- With Christmas just around the corner, postal workers are extra busy this week; the Boise Postmaster tells KBOI News this is the busiest mailing week of the year.

Jerome Edwards of Boise came into the post office for one stamp, but ended up waiting about 15 minutes for it because of long lines.

"I came on the worst day," said Edwards. "I'm already late for work. I came for one stamp."

Boise Postmaster Dan Corral said his crews are working hard to move the line along quickly and is confident packages will be delivered as quickly as they would be during a normal week. The US Post Office on 13th Street opened a  half-hour early Monday morning after a line formed at the door, and there are more carriers out delivering mail.

"We've been doing this for 238 years now," said Corral. "And every year we just get better and better."

And this year, the United States Postal Service expects to process some 600 million pieces of mail on Monday alone, with one million cards and packages sent by Idahoans.

The Postmaster adds that this Wednesday is expected to be the busiest day for sending packages at the Boise Post Office.

"There are packages stacked just everywhere and that's after we've got carriers out there delivering them," said Corral. "It's amazing what our workforce can come together and do during this Christmas time, so it's just neat to see it."

The last day to send packages in order to get them delivered in time for Christmas is December 20.