Concert-goer still wants refund: 'There won't be a next time, Michael'

Concert-goer still wants refund: 'There won't be a next time, Michael' »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho - When you go to see a concert you expect to get what you paid for, but as
we told you back in October
that wasn't the case for hundreds at the Eagle River Pavilion.

They were there to see Michael McDonald, but after opening act concert-goers were told McDonald was sick and couldn't perform.

Shelley Chalk contacted The Truth Squad looking for help. She was at that concert and paid $51 to see McDonald. Chalk wanted her money back. She didn't get it, but McDonald did say he would make it up to the crowd.

"I felt I got ripped off and then there was no one held accountable," said Shelly Chalk, a Caldwell resident. "Make it up to me next time? There won't be a next time, Michael, not at all."

That was a couple of months ago... fast forward to today.

"After the story aired I went to his website and it said 'I really wish people would understand people get sick.' I do understand, but I have a problem with you not canceling the concert," said Chalk.

We talked with the marketing director of the company that owns Eagle River Pavilion.

"We did not know until 8:30 that night he couldn't sing," said Kristine Simoni, CT Touring.

She says McDonald had laryngitis.

"After that night we worked with them for about three weeks and came to an agreement," Simoni said. "We knew it was the right thing to get Michael McDonald back for a concert."

On November 21, 2011, two make up concerts were held at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise.

"I hope everyone had a great time at the concert," Chalk said. "I just have a bad taste in my mouth and i don't want to see Michael McDonald now. To tell you the truth i think the only reason he came back was because of this story."

The Caldwell resident says fans who bought tickets for the original concert should have been given another option like a refund or tickets to a concert they could attend.

"It's the holidays," Chalk said. "I don't have time to go to a concert. When I bought that ticket I could go that night. I really don't wish him any ill will. I'm just not going to drive all the way to Boise, pay to park, and go on a Monday night."

Out of all of this Chalk says she learned a big lesson and hopes everyone involved did as well.

"I think next time I purchase a ticket I'm going to find out if I'm going to get my money back," Chalk said. "I hope he learned a lesson, Eagle Pavilion learned a lesson, IC Tickets learned a lesson, and I hope people buying tickets ask... what's going to happen?"

The Eagle River Pavilion paid to get McDonald and his band back to Boise for the second concert. He did not charge a performance fee.
Chalk says she did redeem her ticket and sold it on the Internet for $15 dollars. Again, her original ticket was $51.