'There's no way this man needed to be in anyone's home'

'There's no way this man needed to be in anyone's home'
NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Under Idaho law people who sell things door-to-door must have a permit. One reason for that is to keep criminals out of your home.

The problem? Not everyone follows the law and that puts you in jeopardy.

There's not just a single vendors permit for the state of Idaho. You need to have one for each city you sell in. One Nampa grandmother had no idea she should ask to see it before letting a convicted criminal into her home.

"This is the only place I feel safe and I don't feel that way anymore because of him," Kathy Hagler said.

Hagler is still shaken by what happened months ago when a man came to her door selling security systems by Vertex.

"I never thought about asking him for his license or anything because he seemed like a nice guy," Hagler said.

He was in her house for hours setting up service. However, the "nice guy" didn't have his license.

"He had been denied his license because of his criminal past," Hagler said. "He just had such horrible things on his record and to me it makes him a violent person."

Hagler looked into his history after another seller of security systems warned her, and her daughter, about him. Among his convictions were assault, battery and false imprisonment.

"There's no way this man needed to be in anyone's home," said Abbie Nickel, who is Hagler's daughter. "I'm not OK with this."

The Truth Squad did talk with the folks at Vertex. A manager said they usually make sure their sales people have permits, and background checks done, but didn't with this particular man because he was highly recommended by friends.

"The company put me in danger," Hagler said. "I believe he's still out there."

Vertex says they have fired him and the company will be more careful from now on. But that's not good enough for Nickel and Hagler.

"Something has to be done," Nickel said. "They have to be held accountable."

"They were just as negligent as me, but they're the professionals and they should know better," Hagler said. "Their policies should have protected me and they didn't."

Now all Hagler wants is to end her five year contract, but Vertex won't let her out of it.

"They offered me all kinds of things and I don't want anything to do with them," Hagler said. "I don't want them anywhere near me."

She just feels unsafe with a company that didn't watch out for her.

"Something was taken from me," Hagler said. "A sense of security was stolen from me and I don't have that any longer."

Vertex told the Truth Squad they won't let Hagler out of her contract because they have a financial obligation to the company monitoring the security system. We were unable to get in touch with Monitronics.

Hagler says even if she doesn't get her contract voided at least she has put the warning out there to ask to see a vendor's license, before letting them into your home.

The Better Business Bureau says they have received complaints about Vertex, and are working to resolve this dispute. The current BBB ranking for the company is a B minus.


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