City versus neighborhood over where to put Greenbelt path

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EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) - A group of homeowners in Eagle continues a fight with the city over where part of the Greenbelt should go. The argument has been going on for a few years. It concerns where about a quarter of a mile stretch of the Greenbelt should be placed in Laguna Pointe, an Eagle subdivision.
Laguna Pointe and the City of Eagle made an agreement in 2006 that if the neighborhood were to go in, the city would get an easement of land inside of the neighborhood to run the Greenbelt through. But the city says somehow, that easement was never filed properly with the county.

The Homeowners Association says the easement was supposed to run right along the river. But Eagle's Parks and Recreation Director, Mike Aho says there's a problem with that.

"The river has shifted, and so the pathway has moved and been in different places partially because of that," Aho said.

The path the city currently has designated for hikers and bikers is further away from the water. Homeowners say that leads people using the path right into their backyards.

"At this point, if they use the path that the city is trying to push for, they're technically entirely on private property and they're trespassing," said homeowner Darcy Hoellwarth.

As a result, Hoellwarth says, the Homeowners Association put in its own path right along the river. But the city says the HOA did so without giving any notice or getting a needed permit.

Eagle leaders are ordering the subdivision to sell the part of land its trail has been on to the city. But homeowners say the city should just take the path the neighborhood created.

The City of Eagle's attorney says she and the HOA's attorney are set to discuss the conflict with a judge on June 16th.