Boise digs up popular Baggley park

Boise digs up popular Baggley park
BOISE, Idaho - Baggley Park in Boise is undergoing some construction. Crews are now digging up grass to put in a sand-pit volleyball court and tennis courts are next. The work is part of a 21-year old master plan.

Some residents think the city should've scrapped it and started over.

“Everybody deserves to be heard and we all deserve some input in this decision. What I want to happen to this park is what this community and this neighborhood wants,” said neighbor Amy Glynn.

“There's a lot of controversy here. There was a flaw in the way this has been done and I think it's on their (Mayor Bieter and City Council’s) shoulders to fix it,” neighbor Jefferson Jewell said.

After hearing negative backlash from some neighbors, the Mayor urged Parks & Recreation to hold a public hearing. That happened on May 17, neighbors still can’t agree on the results.

“I'm getting the impression that they may ask for public input but even though it's a majority vote that the public feels a certain way the Parks & Rec goes forward with its plan and I think that is unfortunate,” Glynn said.

But another neighbor at the hearing sees things differently.

“Eight people went and testified. It was evenly balanced and they had meaningful debate and I think people were heard. The debate was meaningful and due process was served and it was fair,” neighbor Loretta Madison said.

Parks & Recreation officials say Boise’s master plan has been reviewed and revised every five years. The last time that occurred was this past November.

“The entire process has been an open one, all park projects involve a very fluid and open process with public records and meetings,” Parks & Rec Spokeswoman Amy Stahl said.

The digging will continue at Baggley Park, the volleyball and tennis courts are going in all according to the plan. While everyone is smiling at the park, you sense this project may leave some deep scars on this neighborhood community.

“I'm sad that the thousands of people that enjoy this park can continue to enjoy it but in a more limited way, you know, there's going to be a sand pit here,” Glynn said.

“I have an eleven year old who's excited to play volleyball and use the tennis courts and she can just ride her bike over here, we're excited,” Madison said.


Click here to read Mayor Dave Bieter's complete statement.

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