Want health insurance coverage by Jan 1? Deadline is today

Want health insurance coverage by Jan 1? Deadline is today »Play Video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- In order to be covered by the start of the new year, you must sign up for the new health insurance exchange by the end of the day.

There are several new tools available to Idahoans for searching for a plan. The anonymous plan browsing is one. It allows users to browse plans without setting up an account or filling out an application.

After clicking on the "Anonymous Plan Browsing" link, you're prompted to answer a few questions about yourself. Your name and other identifiable information is not required. After you answer a few short questions, including your age and what county you live in, the site compiles the information and lists several plans available to you along with price estimates.

When I did it, I was given the option of 49 health plans and was able to get details on each plan.


Other new tools that are available are several guides to help Idahoans through the process of enrolling. One guide helps with applying for a tax credit, another gives step-by-step instructions on applying, and a third is a four-page guide with various tips on enrolling.


All of these worksheets can be found under the "Additional Resources" tab by clicking on "Plan and Enrollment Information."