Rescued Idaho pit bulls heading to Los Angeles

Rescued Idaho pit bulls heading to Los Angeles
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Three pit bulls rescued from a dog fighting compound in southeastern Idaho are taking flight for a new life.

Hershey, Granny and Helena were loaded up Friday morning to fly to a rescue center in Los Angeles.

They're the first pooches from the group of more than 60 to be shipped out. They're healthy enough to make the move, but still need some training before they're ready for adoption.

"A lot of their needs are just socialization. They've never lived in a house. They've never been around things like a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher, and they're just going to learn how to play and be dogs and to be companions of people," said Idaho Humane Society spokesperson Hannah Parpart.

These pits are the first of many that will be sent to rescue groups for more intensive care and training. Unfortunately, around a dozen of the dogs had to be euthanized, But another dozen have started the adoption process and will soon be in new homes.