Police give homicide investigation details in press conference

Police give homicide investigation details in press conference

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Local law enforcement agencies held a 10:00 am press conference at the Nampa Police station regarding the investigation into Selena Dawn Thomas's homicide. At the conference, leaders from Nampa Polce Department, Caldwell Police Department and the Canyon County Sheriff's Department, along with Canyon County Prosecutor Bryan Taylor gave details about her disappearance.

Police said Thomas was last seen Friday afternoon. Her family reported her missing Monday night, August 18th. Detectives initially treated the search as a missing person investigation, but on Wednesday night, it changed to an aggravated battery investigation, then a homicide investigation.

Officers said they believe domestic violence was a factor in the homicide. They warned other domestic violence victims to get help. Thomas's mother, Lori Moon, spoke at the conference and tearfully said for anyone in a violent relationship to get out of it.

"If anybody starts anything-a slap, a push, get out and get away," Lori Moon said at the podium.

Investigators said Thomas's boyfriend, Alfredo Martinez, is a possible murder suspect. Martinez has a criminal past of domestic violence. He is currently in custody on unrelated charges. Police booked him on a parole violation Tuesday night.

Prosecutor Taylor said in the conference that the three other men charged with aiding and abetting murder, Jose Cruz Flores, Daniel Francisco Sena and Luis Garcia, may face other charges in relation to the homicide.

Nampa Police said there is no concern for public safety. Officers believe they have everyone connected to the crime in custody.

Officers said the investigation has involved several crime scenes where there has been physical evidence. They're now working on uncovering evidence in a cornfield on Can Ada Road south of Melba.

Officers also released in the press conference that Thomas has a son.

Police say Thomas's homicide investigation is the number one priority for law enforcement agencies in the Treasure Valley at this time.