Teen violence drops in Idaho

Teen violence drops in Idaho
BOISE, Idaho - The Center for Healthy Teen Relationships is fighting abuse across Idaho.

By engaging teens in high schools and youth groups they are hoping to reduce problems such as sexual assault, suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse.

"People often think of hitting and slapping and pushing and the physical stuff when the issue of abuse is brought up, but a lot of teenagers don't realize that something like manipulation and texting your boyfriend 24-7 are also unhealthy practices," says Khedija Khan, a high school student at Capital.

According to the center, almost half of all women who are raped experience their first rape before the age of 18, and 30 percent of students have either sent or received a nude or semi-nude photo by text.

Senator Mike Crapo has declared February National Teen Dating Violence and Prevention Month in an effort to stem this tide.

"There are very disconcerting statistics about the level of violence across the country and those numbers, frankly, in most places are going up, but we have such a strong team here in Idaho that we are making a difference," says Senator Crapo.

Teen violence has dropped by 5 percent in Idaho since 2007, and The Center for Healthy Relationships will continue their efforts to bring that number down.