Wash. state mulls proposal to legalize marijuana smoking in bars

Wash. state mulls proposal to legalize marijuana smoking in bars »Play Video
OLYMPIA, Wash. - A proposal to legalize marijuana use in bars could drastically change night life in Washington state.

The state Liquor Control Board discussed the issue Wednesday morning in Olympia and is taking public comment on the proposal.

The mood inside the meeting was somber and slightly contentious. One man spoke up when he should not have to make a statement - but was met with flat stares by members on the board.

Marijuana use could become more commonplace in Washington if the board decides to allow marijuana consumption in bars licensed to sell liquor.

Currently, state law prohibits smoking marijuana in public view - but that could change under a proposed revision to Washington state code made last October. The proposal would allow anyone the right consume any type of marijuana in a liquor-licensed business.

The revision was proposed since some bars are already letting customers smoke pot. And many people are OK with the idea.

"My biggest issue with marijuana is with kids being exposed to it. And if it's in bars and stuff and can be monitored legally, you know, maybe that's the best way to go," says Randy Reeves of Olympia.

But not everyone is supportive.

"I like going into a bar and not having cigarette smoke, and I don't want to get into a bar and smell marijuana," says Suzy Scuderi of Olympia.

Marijuana consumption in bars could be commonplace as early as late January if the rule change gets the green light.

Wednesday is the deadline for Washington state residents to comment on the proposal.


To read the proposed revision and submit a comment, visit the Washington State Liquor Control Board web page here »