Boise River about to get its flow on

Boise River about to get its flow on
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - You've been warned.

The Bureau of Reclamation said Tuesday that it will increase flows from Lucky Peak Dam along the Boise River on Wednesday to about 1,400 cubic-feet-per-second (cfs) at the Glenwood Bridge gauging station.

The flows are well below the 7,000 cfs flood stage, and will to remain at that level through May 31.

Last year, officials began releasing more water into the river in March to prevent late spring flooding.

"These are typical summertime flows along the Boise River," said Brian Sauer, reclamation hydrologist. "There is no concern for flooding downstream, but we do advise people to exercise caution due to the swiftly moving water."

These releases also provide additional water for downstream salmon migration along the lower Snake and Columbia rivers Flows currently at the Glenwood gauge are about 800 cfs.