Zumba studio says still getting hassled

Zumba studio says still getting hassled »Play Video
MERIDIAN, Idaho - Rent troubles have escalated for a Meridian busienss. We told you about the dance studio in September. It got the green light on playing music, but after some complains are now being told to turn it off.

Sylvia Champion explains how she hoped everything would work out for Inner DeVa, but says three months later she's just one letter away from getting evicted by their landlord Prime Commercial Real Estate.

"They're not working with us at all," Champion said. "They're just very happy we're doing everything they ask us to do."

That includes sound proofing, buying a new sound system, and turning the bass off. Champion has also been forced to cancel ost of her classes.

However, she has now gotten a lawyer and says she is going after the real estate company to get justice.

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