Ada County sees spike in concealed weapon applications

Ada County sees spike in concealed weapon applications
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- It's a nationwide trend, and the Treasure Valley is no exception.

In Ada County, the numbers tell the story of a huge increase in first-time applicants for concealed weapon permits.

In 2011, the sheriff's office processed some 3,000 new applications for concealed weapon permits, and in just the first three months of this year, they've processed about the same about.

This March alone, 1,054 people applied for first time permits, according to county records.

Compare that to March 2012 when 311 first-timers applied and March 2011 when 213 people applied for first-time concealed weapon permits.

The county takes the applications and forwards them to the Idaho State Police who work with the FBI on background checks.

With more people applying, the waiting period has increased as well. It's gone up from a minimum of 30 days to as many as 90 days. But we're told the typical average wait now is 45 days.

A permit costs $20, and can be renewed every five years for $15.