Swimming program for veterans: 'I can do this!'

Swimming program for veterans:  'I can do this!' »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho -- Aquability is a program designed for disabled veterans that helps them stay active in the pool. Lynn Shelton was one of four veterans who spent Sunday learning to swim.

"I have multiple disabilities, physical and psychiatric and one of which is being afraid of the water," said Shelton. "Karen has taught me to be in the water and not be afraid of it ... and to use it to make the rest of my disabilities better."

Karen Morrison started the program over two years ago after working with a para-olympic athlete. Since that time Aquability has become her passion. She holds classes for disabled veterans in both Boise and Ketchum.

"Impact injuries are very difficult and really make them sore, hurt their joints, so the water is very forgiving in that way and also a great work out," said Morrison.

Many of the people she works with didn't know how to swim at all before Aquability.

"Aquability is a really good program for veterans that don't have the ability to exercise," said Silvestre Sancha.

Lynn Shelton was terrified at first, but now she credits Aquability with improving her confidence.

"I actually look forward to coming. I don't leave my house, so getting out of my house is kind of a big deal," said Shelton.

She's even thinking about joining a gym. Lynn said she hopes the pool will be filled with veterans.

"Everything I learn, there is a new level of hey, this wasn't so bad! I can do this!"

The program isn't just for veterans. They work with people with a varity of disabilities.

For more information about the program visit www.aquability.org