Lawmaker says bill would protect Idahoans from gun confiscation

Lawmaker says bill would protect Idahoans from gun confiscation »Play Video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Republican state lawmaker, worried the Obama administration might try to take away some guns, has put forward a bill that would punish Idaho officers for confiscating firearms.

"The supervisors would be penalized if they gave an order to confiscate firearms or ammunition," said Sen. Marv Hagedorn of Meridian.

The measure calls for a $1,000 fine for officers who instruct their subordinates to seize guns based on a federal order. The second offense would slap officers with a misdemeanor and they'd lose their jobs. The penalties are meant to protect Idahoans from having their guns confiscated.
"I believe the federal government has certain things in place to protect us," said Avery Roberts of Boise, "and I don't think that's the job of our local government."
Darryl Brooks of Boise said the proposal would help for a short time. 
"The way the White House is operating, they'll find a way of getting around it and probably try to enforce it anyway, which would be a concern," Brooks said.
The Republican lawmaker says he can't predict what's next.
"There have been threats previously of changing gun laws at the federal level," Hagedorn said, "and we don't want that to impinge upon our state constitution for our right to bear arms and have ammunition."
A public hearing is the next step, and then a Senate committee will decide whether to send the bill to the floor.
President Obama has said he has no plans to take anybody's guns, but Hagedorn says Idaho needs to be ready.