Firefighters warn against heat exhaustion at God and Country

Firefighters warn against heat exhaustion at God and Country »Play Video

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - The Nampa Fire Department warns anyone attending the God and Country Festival to take extra precautions in the high heat. Nampa Fire has paramedics and EMTs in the crowd to help assure that everyone stays safe in the hot weather.

Organizers say at last year's festival temperatures were high and some people in the audience got dehydrated.

"There were a couple of people who were out here who didn't drink enough water," said Scott Syme, Director of God and Country. "We encourage people if you're out, because we're in a dry climate, to drink a lot of water."

Nampa Fire's EMTs recommend drinking a quart of water each hour out in the sun. That's two 16 ounce water bottles. EMTs also recommend that anyone going to the event drink several glasses of water before heading out, then stay away from soft drinks and stick to water while outside.

Anyone at the event who begins to feel dizzy or lightheaded is encouraged to find one of the fire engines parked around the ampitheater or to find an EMT or paramedic in the crowd.

"Have us come out and look at you and make sure you're alright and get you where you need to go verses waiting until you really need it and then that's a problem," said Nampa Fire Captain Frank Beauvais.