Shops optimistic Zions Bank building will fill hole in economy

Shops optimistic Zions Bank building will fill hole in economy »Play Video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Now that the Zions Bank building is open, neighboring businesses are hoping for an uptick in sales.

The 17-story tower is the tallest in Idaho, now home to a gym and a few restaurants with more tenants to come.

"I think this building has really renewed hope and created a lot of excitement and a lot of buzz," said Nicola McIntosh of Zions Bank, "and I think we're starting to see how that's generating more development downtown."
Shopkeepers on Eighth Street are glad their new neighbors have moved in.
"I hope it just brings people back downtown, back to our block," said Stacie Meyer, a sales associate at Title Nine, a women's clothing store across the street. "It was pretty quiet for a while when they had the block shut down while they were doing all the work, so it's good to see people out and about again."
David Merrick, manager of All the Games, said the building's construction hurt sales by about 20 percent, but employees in the new building are now turning into customers.
"So far, what we're seeing, as they're just barely starting to get some of the restaurants open, we're seeing people from Zions Bank and some of the other offices that are there that are coming over on their lunch hours and after work," he said.
Merrick said business is already improving and the game shop should fare better in the months to come.