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APTOPIX Bolivia Vicuna Photo Gallery
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  • APTOPIX Bolivia Vicuna Photo Gallery
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APTOPIX Bolivia Vicuna Photo Gallery
In this Oct. 8, 2013 photo, an Aymara Indian carries a wild vicuna to be sheared, inside the Apolobamba protected nature reserve, the animal's natural habitat near the Andean village of Ucha Ucha, Bolivia. Every two years, Aymara Indian families near Ucha Ucha organize to shear the wool of these wild vicuna, a camelid that lives in the Andes' highland areas. The vicuna are an endangered species previously hunted by poachers for their fine wool. Today Bolivia protects them in this reserve, shearing and selling the wool worldwide without killing the animal. According to the families, they sell the wool through the country's national wool organization and split the money evenly, which in 2011 was about $300 dollars per family. (AP Photo/Juan Karita)