Mystery solved: 'I confess I did it'

Mystery solved: 'I confess I did it'

BANDON, Ore. - Mystery solved.

On Feb. 3, KVAL News shared photos of a labyrinth on the sand at Coquille Point on the Oregon Coast and asked viewers and Web visitors for help solving the mystery.

Commenters on were quick to weigh in.

"It was Elvis!!! He's back from the dead!!!! Really!!!" stargazer83 joked.

"Brilliantly done," lostlNreality commented. "That took some time and not a little skill to pull off."

"It's a classical cathedral labyrinth," tubaman7 wrote. "Bravo to whoever put it there. A great sacred space."

"That is awesome!!!" lilismomtina added. "I wish I could have seen it! It looks fun to take pictures of."

"To me it looks like a 50 foot Santa Rosa labyrinth (designed by Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D.)," wrote SacredJourneys, "because I confess I did it."


The comment went unnoticed, however, until this e-mail came into the newsroom Monday night.

"Hi my name is Krystle, and although I live in California, my dad lives in Coquille, Ore. He sent me this link the other day.

"The photos that are being discussed here, as well as on your sister station out of Portland, are actually labyrinths my dad is drawing along the coast," Krystle Dyke wrote. "It has gotten quite a bit of attention, and has even gotten quite a bit of attention down where I live because it has been posted on numerous Facebook pages, and the link has been shared numerous times!"

And he's not done yet.

"I have created a new project for 2011 called Circles in the Sand," explained SacredJourneys, aka Denny Dyke. "My intention is to draw as many labyrinths on the Oregon Coast as I can so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the labyrinth and become more informed as to what a labyrinth is. All labyrinths will be available from the time they are completed until the tide reclaims its beach.

"On Feb. 13 at the same location (Coquille Point/Elephant Rock, Bandon) starting about 11 a.m. I will dedicating labyrinths to Love in honor of Valentine's Day," Dyke wrote. "Come and enjoy a walk on the labyrinth."

And perhaps renew the mystery in the process.

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