This camera just sold for $2.19 million

This camera just sold for $2.19 million
A Leica M3D, top, that was auctioned off for $2.19 million. At left a Luxus Leica from 1929 that was auctioned for $1.32 million. At right, a Leiva M3 that was sold for $1.16 million. (AP Photo/Dieter Nagl, WestLicht Auction)
VIENNA (AP) - An Austrian photo gallery says a camera used by a photographer who documented the life of artist Pablo Picasso has sold for a world record price of €1.68 million ($2.19 million).

The Westlicht gallery says the Leica m3d belonged to David Douglas Duncan. The 96-year-old former photographer for LIFE magazine was a close friend of Picasso and published hundreds of exclusive photos of him.

Manufactured in 1955, the camera is one of four ever made, and the price is a world record for a commercially produced camera.

In a statement Monday, Westlicht says the second-highest price in the Saturday's sale was for a gold-plated Leica made in 1929, which sold for €1.02 million ($1.3 million).