Consumer Reports

Problem Solvers Good food gone bad Good food gone bad
The KBOI Problem Solvers and Consumer Reports to look at some of our favorite healthy snacks that took a turn for the unhealthy with added ingredients.
Problem Solvers Trans fat still on store shelves Trans fat still on store shelves (Video)
The Food and Drug Administration has taken steps to essentially ban it, saying partially hydrogenated oils - the main source of trans fat - are no longer generally recognized as safe.

The KBOI Problem Solvers team up with Consumer Reports to find out how trans fat is still making it onto store shelves.
Problem Solvers Consumer Report: Unsafe Strollers
"He was just the greatest baby, he really was. I mean, I know everyone says that about their own children, but he was smart and he was funny, and he was the best thing that ever happened to me," Laura Guardino said of her son.