Man targeted by scam: 'Bank says they're fraudulent'

Man targeted by scam: 'Bank says they're fraudulent' »Play Video
BOISE , Idaho- Glen Guidry was excited to trade his trailer for money, and he even got more than he was asking for, but it turned out to be a scam.

Guidry posted his trailer on the Internet and quickly had a prospect.

"I started getting text messages from this guy saying he wanted to buy the trailer," Guidry said.

They exchanged messages, but he wasn't sure it was going to really work.

"About few days later I got three checks in the mail, but he gave me $1,300 extra," Guidry said.

Guidry says he let the buyer know there had been a mistake.

"He said my shipper will come out," Guidry said. "The guy said to just take the checks and cash them at my bank and his shipper will come and get the difference and he'll ship the trailer back."

At that point Guidry knew something was fishy.

"I sensed when someone wants to buy a trailer sight not seen and pay the cost of shipping somewhere else that sounded stupid to me," Guidry said. "So I said I wouldn't do it and would take the checks to his bank and cash them and that's when we got disconnected."

It turns out Guidry was right on with his suspicion.

"I took the checks to the bank and the guy said they're fraudulent," Guidry said.

"It's a real check," Dale Dixon, president of the Better Business Bureau said. "It's a real stolen check."

Dixon says if you cash a stolen check you'll end up getting stuck with the bill so don't let big dollar signs entice you.

"It's really appealing, but that's when you have to step back," Dixon said.

Guidry did step back and did research to make sure he was being played.

"I looked everything up on the Internet and there was no house where the checks supposedly came from," Guidry said. "The funny thing is the checks came in a handwritten envelope postmarked Nevada, the address was in Illinois, and the check's from California."

He contacted the Truth Squad in hopes of getting the word out.

"I didn't want anyone else getting caught in this scam because I could see it was a scam and I just don't think it's right," Guidry said.

Guidry says another big red flag for him was he couldn't have a real live conversation with the buyer. He only communicated via text message. That number no longer works.