Kuna resident targeted by IRS scam

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KUNA, Idaho - When Merlin Slyter of Kuna saw the email, he immediately knew something was wrong.

"Fill out the attached documents and send it back to us with photo identification," Slyter said as he read the email. "I haven't even filed my return yet."

Slyter was granted an extension on his taxes, but he says when the Internal Revenue Service sends you an email it always gets your attention.

"It didn't seem reasonable to have an IRS message in my spam folder," Slyter said.

Dale Dixon, Better Business Bureau president, says Slyter is exactly right.

"We don't want to have anything to do with an email claiming to be from a government agency," Dixon said. "The IRS doesn't operate that way, and if there's a problem they will notify you by mail."

Plus, Slyter says he also sensed something was wrong because the email wasn't just to him.

"When I opened it there were 13 names in the C.C. line," Slyter said. "It doesn't make sense the IRS would send a message to me and 13 other people."

There were also misspelled words in the email.

"This has classic scam written all over it," Dixon said. "Hit the delete key."

Dixon says other warning signs are if you're asked to make a payment or give out your phone number.

Slyter has filed complaints with the FBI and the IRS. If you click on either one of their websites there is a link to report a scam because there are so many out there.