"You won the lottery!" Nope, it was just a scam.

"You won the lottery!" Nope, it was just a scam. »Play Video
CALDWELL, Idaho - Winning the lottery is a dream for many. So what if someone told you that you did win, and it turned out to be a scam? One Caldwell man says it happened to him.

"The desire to win something is incredible," said William Bramhall, who says he was targeted by a scam.

So when Bramhall took the call that he won $750,000 in a lottery he was excited. A man claiming to work for the US Gaming Commission said all he needed was insurance money for him to claim the prize.

"I said I didn't have any funds and that I've been living off food stamps for two years," Bramhall said.

The conversation quickly ended, but another, more aggressive man called back.

"He asked if I could borrow money of if I had a credit card," Bramhall said.

Bramhall's answer was no, and by this point he knew he was being weaseled.

"We see case after case right here in southwest Idaho where people loose thousands of dollars to scams just like this," said Dale Dixon, president of the Better Business Bureau.

Dixon says the big red flag is being asked to pay money.

"In a legitimate game you never pay upfront to collect a prize... plain and simple," Dixon said.

If you win the lottery you will get IRS forms to fill out to pay taxes, but it won't stop you from claiming your winnings.

"It would have been great to win $750,000 and not be on food stamps anymore.... but it didn't happen," Bramhall said..

Bramhall says he's thankful he didn't fall for this scam because he would be in a lot worse shape. He hopes his story will help others if they get a similar phone call...

Remember the best thing to do is just hangup the phone and don't give your information or money away.

By the way there is no US Gaming Commission. Each state that has lottery has its own gaming commission.