Caldwell man targeted by loan scam

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CALDWELL, Idaho - Many of us have taken out a loan before. What if you were told you didn't pay it off and are now being sued? That recently happened to one Caldwell man.

Daniel Howard got a phone call and the person on the other line said the he was being sued by Advance America.

"I couldn't even understand the law firm he was from," Howard said. "I did understand they're suing me for defaulting on a loan."

Howard thought that was funny because he's never borrowed money from the company.

"I told him that it wasn't true he got his supervisor," Howard said.

The supervisor went on to say he was going to be sued unless the law firm obtained payment.

"Again, I said this isn't true," Howard said. "The man told me not to lie."

Howard says that really ticked him off and he showed it.

"If you think I'm sending you money you've got something coming and he hung up on me," Howard said.

Howard looked up Advance America and gave workers there a call. They had no record of him ever taking a loan from the company.

Dale Dixon with the Better Business Bureau says Howard was dealing with scam artists.

"The scam artist likes to play the part of the big bad debt collector," Dixon said.

Dixon says just hang-up the phone if you get a call like the one Howard received. The big red flag is being asking for payment over the phone.