Salon gift certificates no good after owner sells business

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BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) – Leanne Swetland of Middleton tried to redeem $200 in gift certificates at Tres Chic Salon & Spa in Boise, but she was turned away.

The salon had been sold since Christmas and new owners took over.

“The lady who answered the phone asked when I bought the tickets. I told them Christmas time and I was told they were not responsible for them and were not going to honor them,” Swetland said.

The new owners say they have about $50,000 tied up in the business and can’t afford to work for free. Leanne wasn’t the only one calling.

“Customers started calling in saying they purchased gift certificates and unfortunately we told them we cannot take those because we didn't sell them. We're the new owners and we opened business to make money,” Tres Chic co-owner Kahnh Nguyen said.

Swetland and the new owners of Tres chic believed the old owner should be held accountable. After numerous phone calls from all involved, the previous owner did call Leanne to arrange to refund her money.

While Swetland was upset with the new and old owners, after she got her money back, she had a change of heart.

“I thought it was only right to come back to the original shop and the new owner and spend my $200 here. It did cause her a lot of heartache, the whole thing, it actually made it feel even more special because it it just felt really good to do that. It was a win-win situation for everyone,” Swetland said.

Leanne had never pampered herself at a spa before, but now, she’s already planning on coming back.

“I've already decided I'm doing it again, it's great, I loved it,” Swetland said.

The new owners of Tres Chic have brokered a deal with the old owner so now they will honor any other gift certificates that walk through the door.


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