Purchase tix for Meridian Dairy Days Carnival?

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MERIDIAN, Idaho - Meridian Dairy Days is usually full of animals and rides, but this year the rides were canceled. So what happens to the folks who pre-paid for the carnival?

"I don't like it when the swings go really slow I just like it when they spin the people around," said Lizzy Reedy, who was excited to go to the carnival.

Unfortunately, there was no spinning the 15-year-old, who has autism, and worked hard to get on the rides at Meridian Dairy Days.

"She had to earn it and worked all week doing her chores and having a good attitude," said Wendy Siegel, who is Lizzy's aide.

"We had prepared her carefully for the fact that the rides don't open until 5 p.m.," said Phoebe Smith, who is Lizzy's mother.

The rides never opened and Lizzy was crushed. Smith says her daughter melted down.

"It did hurt my feelings," Reedy said.

Meridian Dairy Days says the issue was a failed electrical inspection by the city, but the official announcement didn't come until hours after Reedy and Siegel left the event. Those who were there could get refunds on the spot and those who weren't, it seemed, were out of luck.

"The reason I contacted the Truth Squad was I didn't think I would get a refund at all," said Smith.

Reedy's mother also made calls to the city of Meridian, the Meridian Dairy Board, and the carnival owners, Inland Empire Shows and Royal West Amusements.

After about a week she finally received a refund from the Montana carnival company for $34.


Need to request a refund?

Dairy Days officials say if anyone has trouble getting a refund they can contact them at info@dairydays.org