Don't be bullied by debt collectors

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NAMPA, Idaho - When a debt collector comes calling you better settle up, but the if you're not careful you're bank account could get wiped out.

Michael Brown lives in Nampa and he contacted us because he knows the Truth Squad is watching out for you.

"I've heard about you on the news and I figured that I don't have anything to loose," Brown said.

He has nothing to lose because his bank account was already
cleaned out.

"I gave him my debit card information and that was the wrong thing to do," Brown said.

Brown said it in early May when he got a phone call.

"He said he was in the process of issuing a court summons, but if I can pay him what I owe on the debt, or $25, he would stop the court summons," Brown said.

The man on the other line said he worked for Robert James and Associates, a company based out of New York. When calling the number listed on the website, the Truth Squad left a message, but the calls were not returned.

President of the Better Business Bureau, Dale Dixon, says even if the person who called Brown really is a debt collector you have rights in how you work with them.

Dixon says you can, and should, demand proof of debt owed. Plus, make sure to check with the Idaho Department of Finance to see if the company calling is licensed in Idaho.

Brown did call the Idaho Department of Finance and found out the company is not licensed in Idaho, and that means they should have never been contacting him.

Brown does expect to get the money he lost back from his bank. The Truth Squad is not reporting on that dollar amount to help protect him...