Scammers posing as soldiers selling cars online

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Boise, IDAHO (KBOI) - A Craigslist car scam cruises through the Internet and has now parked in the Treasure Valley. The posting advertises a car for sale. A person claims to be a soldier and talks about selling immediately before he is deployed.

"I came across a 2004 Avalanche with 70 thousand miles on it and the guy said he was in the military so I was like okay, and he's selling it for 1900 bucks, " Michael Thomas said.

Thomas lives in Kuna and watched Craigslist for about a year looking to buy a truck. He thought he found a good deal, but when he requested to see the truck and said he wouldn't prepay, this so-called soldier told him no deal.

"He just told me to look for another vehicle."

It turns out the person listing the ad isn't one of America's finest. He is a scammer looking to take money, something Thomas says is unacceptable especially while posing as military.

""It's disgusting. It's people taking advantage of other people in this day and age, times are hard enough as it is," Thomas said.

While Thomas didn't send cash, a woman in Parma recently took the bait. The Better Business Bureau wants people to know that a scam like this hitting the Treasure Valley should have people on high alert.

"We've actually seen some of these scams where they say here's a picture of my driver's license, here's photos of our car, here's a title of the car so they've really developed it to where these Craigslist scams are coming across even more professional," Robb Hicken of the Boise Better Business Bureau said.

The BBB also said Thomas caught some of the red flags that all online consumers should know about.

"There's an immediacy to get rid of the car, second off everything is done through the email, there's no physical contact and in this case a third party is to deliver the car and she sent the money to a third party," Hicken said.

The BBB also said it's crucial to be skeptical because scammers will say or do anything to get their hands on your money. Thomas said he's one of the lucky ones, but it still doesn't make it okay for someone to pretend to be something they are not.

"He should be strung up and hung. It gives everybody else who is struggling a bad name."


Fore more information go to the Better Business Bureau website.